C. A. Thornton, LLC

Attorney & Counselor at Law

C.A. Thornton, LLC is a law firm focused on intellectual property, civil litigation, business law and advising small business owners.  Chris Thornton has more than fifteen years of experience in copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, licensing of intellectual property, employment agreements, non-compete agreements, acquisitions and sales of small businesses, negotiation and litigation.

Christopher A. Thornton

Mr. Thornton received his bachelor's degree in Physics from the University of Missouri at Rolla in 1990.  He earned a Masters Degree in Physics from the University of Illinois in 1993 and his law degree from the University of Illinois College of Law in 1996.  He is licensed to practice law in Missouri and Illinois.

Chris is a small business owner and entrepreneur and enjoys working with small business owners.  His clients include artists, photographers, engineers, scientists. designers, software developers and other professionals nearly all of whom are in business for themselves.  Chris understands the issues facing small businesses and develops practical solutions that work in the real world.

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